This Severely Liver-Diseased Stray Cat, Weak As A Paper, Lacks The Strength To Even Chew The Cat Food…

In mid-July, on the street, a woman walking her dog came across a skinny stray cat, as thin as a piece of paper.

Despite his weakness, she still gave him some cat food and called out to him. What was remarkable was that he staggered forward, unafraid even in the presence of her dog.

Malnutrition had left him emaciated, every step a struggle. Worried that he couldn’t bite, she bought some milk to soften the food, and he finally started eating.

Hopefully it will eat a little more, she knows she can’t keep it because of her other pets.

So she contacted an animal care organization for help. When he was full, he even liked to rub against her, despite looking unclean and severely underweight.

Neighbors were surprised to see him still alive, a testament to his resilience. Rescue workers eventually arrived and found him well behaved and easily led into a travel crate.

At the hospital, he was diagnosed with severe liver damage and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Treatment is difficult but there is still hope for improvement.

Over time, his condition gradually improved with ongoing care, including intravenous injections and infusions. Even though his condition was weak, he was still willing to cooperate with treatment.

After a month, his physical condition improved significantly and he continued to endure each training session courageously.

Two months later, he no longer staggered when walking, and his body had improved significantly. From skin and bones to gradually becoming flesh and bones, his transformation is amazing.

The love and dedicated care have indeed worked wonders, giving hope for his continued health and happiness.

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