Pushed Down The Sewer, Mate Lift His Head When Was Saved, Said Thank You And Gone Forever…

We received an emergency call from school security, reporting a distressed dog lying weakly in the sewer. For several days, he languished there, abandoned by passersby, his condition critical.

According to the guard, a deranged person callously pushed him into the sewer, perhaps testing the mercy of bystanders.

When we arrived, we found the poor boy severely emaciated and almost lifeless. It took a lot of effort to free him from the locked sewer, his body was cold and shaking uncontrollably.

Wrapping him in a warm blanket, we rushed him to the nearest veterinary clinic, fearing the worst.

When I lifted him up, his skeleton was painfully visible, weighing only 13 kg.

Despite the veterinarian’s efforts, an atmosphere of desperation filled the room, his eyes reflecting resignation and pain. Despite his pain, he still mustered the strength to raise his head in silent gratitude.

His wounds were extensive, his neck bore the scars of his ordeal, while his body was ravaged by ulcers and worms.

Severe anemia made him even more miserable, requiring blood transfusions and constant care.

Despite our best efforts, his condition deteriorated rapidly, with seizures signaling that his strength was failing.

After several days of painful struggle, veterinarians made the heartbreaking decision to end his suffering.

Although it was difficult to accept at first, it was the kindest choice for Mate. In his last moments, surrounded by love and warmth, he found peace and dignity.

Mate’s passing leaves us with a deep sense of loss and sadness.

Yet amid the pain, there is comfort in knowing that in his final days he experienced compassion and care. Goodbye, may you rest in peace, free from the torment that has tormented you.

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